PARADES - We get to ride the floats, having been on the Vigilante, Board of Realtors, Hell's Half Acre, and currently the Tom Horn. We dress up, wave to the crowd, and try countin' how many butt-ugly people are watchin' us. Usually hafta stop after a block 'cuz we run outta numbers.   We're sure they do the same with us. ====================================================












Parade Card - Hand one to a pretty girl on the curb and watch her read it as our float pulls away. When she reads that last line a big smile will be on her face.











Vigilante- The only float to tow its own outhouse. Got 86'ed in '92 because some fool forgot to take the live round out of his pistol. The Parade Committee doesn't like visitors gettin' shot before they can spend their money.









Board of Realtors - Nice folks but they don't even register on the rowdy scale, and we do. But they were very hospitable to us for two years and we enjoyed their refined company.                             










Hell's Half Acre - One of the most fun floats in the parade. Act the fool, dance, drink, pour beer on each other. No wonder the Olde West died out.












Hell's Hellions - Great fun with a bunch of nice people. Rules say no real beer so they pour alcohol-free crap that sticks to your clothes.












    Tom Horn - Hanged in 1903 for shooting a teenager suspected of rustling cattle.                                   We ride this float because we feel an affinity for someone who's hung.       












      Pulchritood - Madame Louise and her Float Hos,  an affectionate term. Actually, were there a real Ho on board we wouldn't waste our time waving to people on the streets.    













Tom Horn Flag - commemorating 100 years since his hanging. Some people commemorate anything if it involves drinking a toast afterwards.











Parade Ready - It's not often we get Elks gals (Jill & Cris) to join us. The way they fit into those dresses you'd think they might have been Hos in a former life.













Bubba Teef & Tuxes - Welcome to Oxymoron Central.