===================================================================    2016 saw us embark on a Spring Wine Trip to Santa Barbara County.          ===================================================================   

First stop was Huber Cellars, and a visit with Norman, & Traudle.

However, when the  the boss man's having vineyard troubles the first thing you do is help him.

There'll be plenty of time for tasting, but a helping hand is always welcome.

And of course there's also time for pooch petting.

Next stop was Babcock and some great wines.

The "team hat" was a big success for the whole trip, thanks to Dave's purchase.

Tom's look borders on anxiety and/or fart suppression.

Some things (framed pictures) don't look as good as they could when blurred by a foreground object.

The boys at Alma Rosa.



However, some things (old farts) look one helluva lot better when blurred by a foreground object.

This is the tasting room of the famous Byron wines, and we were luck to have Ken there for a history lesson.

The Central Coast has several wine icons to boast about, and Ken Byron Browne is one of them.

Not only superb wines but an education we greatly appreciated. Thanks for the schooling Ken.

Fess Parker, not only a frontiersman but a producer of some damn good wines.



Stephen Bedford (formerly half of Bedford Thompson and also an icon), poured some stuff he's famous for.

U-know-hoo had to gift Mr. Bedford with his own Forks & Corks.

Where else you gonna get to sample some home-brewed vodka while on a wine trip. How about in Buellton, and some of the best we've ever tasted.

They forgot the word "DAMMIT."

Santa Maria Elks BBQ on a Friday night, with grills the size of your car. Order from the menu and grill your own. A total yum-fest.



Bob was seen cozying up to PJ and we're still wondering if Tom got wind of it and.... well look to your right.




THAT's what one calls a "shiner." Holy shiz Bob, was it really worth it?  We learned later that he'd actually caught his scrotum in his zipper and tripped.

Foxen #2, the newer one now has its own Forks & Corks to show off their "balanced" wines. Or not.

Golden Bear (Brucher) and all those barrels of yummy booze. Too bad the SUV can't handle that size.

Mike poured while his wife Janis was busy making wine.

Casa Dumetz, run by one hot chick (Sonja) who used to be married to Emilio Estevez, then she got smart.



Easy does it Dave, this has nothing to do with you-know-what.

Get The Dickheads in the same room with a bunch of cute fillies and let the fun begin.



Gainey, in the barrel rooms, and not so well lit, but still a good tatsting.



Evans Ranch, part of the Gainey empire and located in the middle of downtown Los Olivos, makes some super quality wines.

Looking southwest towards Santa Barbara.  Life is good, but life with wine is even better.

=====================================================================       CFD '16 started out with a Fri/Sat in Chytown, then onto places south          of Laramie, like Centennial with a population of 250 and 4 bars.            =====================================================================

Yes, the sign says 100 but there must've been a baby boom recently cuz it's more like 250.



However, when it comes to small towns we have to give props to Buford, WY, the smallest town in the USA.

Something tells us that the first sign could read backwards and be waaay more effective (liquor beaver). And yes, these are real places out in the middle of nowhere.

Why does the word "oxymoron" come to mind? Oh wait, this is Wyoming and all those items listed go quite well with each other, except for one very important thing - liquor.

Now that's what we call a wall of rock.            

 Centennial clouds.  Beautiful countryside.

Matt & Pat's Bunkhouse Bar

The old Virginian Hotel.

The Virginian's bar.

Their dining room. Very classy.

Next stop, the Wyoming Territorial State Prison, now a tourist attraction, and a damn good one.

This is a cell. Yep, that's it. No windows, no nuthin', just a guard walking by once a day.

And this is what the prisoners did for their day - made brooms. Oh my.

You might recognize a couple of the prisoners. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Hell yes, go with it.

====================================================================           And finally, back to Cheyenne and Frontier Days.                     ==================================================================== 

From LtoR:  Kristen (CA), Donna, Heidi & Valerie (all TN).  Couldn't have met nicer ladies, all with a great sense of humor, an ability to keep up with us in the liquor guzzling (well, almost), and in case you can't tell, damn fine lookin'.

This is a shot of the USAF Thunderbirds performing their annual CFD show over downtown. We think it appropriate that the shape they're doing coincides with the pic to the left.

Here's the Depot during a Thunderbirds air show as seen from the roof of the Plains Hotel.

It wouldn't be CFD if we didn't see Bert and his Greek salad.



And it wouldn't be CFD if we didn't have the lovely Crown Royal ladies handing out goodies whilest showing off their dandy buns.



Louise & Felix again did their best to keep the crowds happy with the 28th appearance of the venerable Tom Horn Float.