CFD 2018

It was a light year inasmuch as only the "regulars" were there (Jim, Bert, Dave & Pat). Fortunately they had plenty of Cheyenne friends to cavort with and share a brew or 12.  


 One would think after all these decades it'd be customary to bring AND USE, a friggin camera, even if it's a cell camera.  PJ had plenty of his to share so we thank him for that. 

Say Howdy to "Old PissPants"
Amanda and her bevy of hopefuls.
Dave, Carol & the Boys playin' at Alf's.
Shane was welcomed as our BM server at the Four Winds..
Hailstorm, looked llike it'd snowed

Shawman is starting early, but then he is his Daddy's kid. 

And last, but certainly not least, a lunch party was held in the Elks Lodge to celebrate 30 years of the Tom Horn Float, and declare our thanks and commendations to Louise & Felix for their dedication. This picture, while not the best, is a collage of close to 300 pictures of events in and on the THF over the past decade or so. You'll note that the collage, from a distance, shows the CFD bucking horse logo as it's theme. Our warmest congrats are to Louise & Felix for all these years of fun (and the meals too).