CFD 2005 - If you can't have a good time here, don't come. It's the best party for the money, and the friendships are real. Remember to hover over a picture with  your mouse to find captioning that may/may not be suitable for the family.                            Thanks to  PJ, Carrie, and Shelly for their photos.              



This is an actual sunset. Moments later it'll disappear from view, with only memories of its glory. This scene is inserted here so you'll understand the reference in the next 3 pictures.




Akin to a sunset, this is Stage 1 of a "buckleset." Watch as the buckle slowly fades into the horizon, not to be seen for awhile.






And now Stage 2, the buckle's disappeared from view. Only its memory lingers.





Not to be outdone, a relative tries the same trick,  with amazing success.







Diane, sister of Susan Jennelly, was a floozy for many years on the Hell's Half Acre's float. She passed away in mid-2008 prior to the HHA ride.

Hell's Half Acre, one of the fun floats at CFD. Riders pour cold beer over each other during the parade. The good news - you can pee your pants and 1) no one will notice, and 2) it delivers a nice warm feeling.

This pic, and the next two, were at the request of Larry Poch on 1/19/11. He checks the damn website once every 6 years to show his picture to kids selling Girl Scout cookies. Thin mint, anyone?




Yep, this is Larry, aka the Pochster, or HHA

bartender extraordinaire. 

The squaw he's talking to is a former Girl Scout...............NOT.                   






And this is the lovely Beckster, wife of the degenerate pictured above. Shapely, attractive, energetic...., yes, opposites do attract. (sorry Larry, had to)









The worst part of having the fun shown at left was knowing that the locals woke to see this on their breakfast table. Ain't a good way to start your day.



Years of coaxing Rookie Steve to come to CFD; then his first flight on Mattel Airlines and he makes it safely to CYS. The first words he hears from a crowd of about 20 is, "Welcome to Cheyenne, you fat bastard." Ah, male bonding is so cruel.






Carrie was overheard saying to Rookie Steve:              "Those vertically-ribbed corduroy shorts and the horizontally-striped shirt; now that's a good look             for your first Frontier Days."                                                


"By the way, who laid out your clothes for you this morning, Stevie Wonder?"

"And by the way, don't stand too close to me, people will think we're together."




Rookie Steve parts with his first of many $100 dollar bills in funding "The Stash."  Considering we've known him since he was a baby, and he's been with us at many events over the years, that $100 is more than he's spent on rounds of drinks for us during all the preceeding years combined.





Rookie Steve gets his first shot at being Tom Horn, not knowing that a penis-check was part of the script. According to Aaron, our head pecker-checker, there was scant evidence of a tallywhacker, though just enough to wear the yellow shirt. [sorry for the quality, it's a scanned photo]




"Relax, it's only a dollar bill, but as thin as it is you'll still need to suck that gut up so I can fit it in there. By the way, that belt of yours is doubling as a tourniquet."

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! The next two photos are special requests from friends whose pics were retired to save space. They were out of sight, not out of mind, and now they're back in sight.






Here's Erin, from the lovely state of Nebraska (Go Huskers). By special request on 1/14/11 from the Denver Stock Show, her pic, and that of Mary (next) were reinstated to the glory that is an appearance in the CFDSC website.

Well, as promised, here ya' go.





Yes, Mary bemoaned that fact that when she's bored at work she sometimes likes to peruse the website and find her picture. I like to find her picture too, and quite easily found it taped to my bathroom wall, right next to Erin's. Just love threesomes.

HALLOWEEN - 2005 (In Cheyenne)

No captions for the photos, feel free to add your own.





An obligatory group photo. A great Halloween was had by all. No DUI arrests, no puking, no fights, just good ol' fun. Thanks to all for their part in it.