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(l-r) Dave, Todd, Bert, Pat, Mac, Keith, Jim, and Aaron

The CFD Social Club is composed primarily of a bunch of aging California guys who follow the mantra: "We have to grow old. We don't have to grow up." And if you've ever hung around them for longer than 5 minutes you'd agree that humor is the bottom line in almost all of their endeavors. Well, that and alcohol.
They've admitted some friends from Cheyenne WY and you'll see them later. The group's name (CFD Social Club) has no affiliation with the City of Cheyenne nor Cheyenne Frontier Days. In this case it refers to the California Federation of Dickheads. Really.
The boys believe in socializing with the populace of Cheyenne whenever convenient, such as (always) during Frontier Days, and whenever St. Patrick's Day or Halloween falls on a weekend, and whenever airfares drop to a level so low it's cheaper to fly there and drink than to stay home.
We've learned over these past several decades that Cheyenne (and probably all of Wyoming), has two major things that bring us back: an abundance of scenic wonders, and some of the finest, friendliest residents to be found anywhere. They still believe in the old mantra "a hand-shake is my word", and are a pure joy to be around. No phonies here, and they're the reason we come back.

They also enjoy an annual wine trip to some of California's best spots along the Central Coast. Cheyenne friends are always invited and you'll see their pics herein. We consider it a successful trip when someone who drinks nothing but Bud Light now has an appreciation for a good Pinot Noir. So take a peek through the photo gallery and enjoy your trip.

LEGAL DOO-DOO: the name CFD Social Club is registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State's office. Any reproduction of this website's content is prohibited unless expressly permitted by the site's author. If you see your picture on one or more of the pages and wish it removed, all you have to do is contact us. If you want us to substitute a picture of you trying out for American Idol, fuggetaboudit.



JIM - hails from Orange County CA and was the first to try CFD. A few years later he talked brother Bert into joining. Cheyenne hasn't been the same since. Together they have over 70 years of attendance.
BERT - originally from CA, now in CO. Living that close demands he make a few Cheyenne side trips per year to make sure the local bars don't go belly up.
PAT - South Bay area of Los Angeles. Took up Bert on the offer of a free flight to CFD in 1991 and hasn't looked back yet, and won't any time soon. His Will specifies that a tiny portion of his ashes be spread in various locales (bars?). Considering how many bars the guys have visited over the years, there may not be enough ashes left for a memorial service.
DAVE - from the San Diego area. Fourth member to try CFD and is as hooked as the rest of the guys. Will even opt for a mid-year trip if time permits. His only fault is when we entrust him with the group Stash and he tips close to 50% on a bar tab. Ouch!

MAC - lives midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Succumbed to the urging of Cuzzin' Pat to give CFD a shot, and does his best to make it each year. Due to some Scottish heritage, the Pipers at the Parade start get a visit, and play us a tune.

A Christmas card picture from many years ago before the guys discovered the wonders of dentistry.

======================================================================================  NOW MEET A FEW MEMBERS [in no particular order]

TODD - son of Jim, and therefore nephew of Bert. Has the inherent "qualities" of each. Now has triplets, thus trips to CFD will be sparse for awhile. Take our word for it - there were plenty of women in this picture, and no Chippendale dancers.
REED - son of Bert, and therefore nephew of Jim and cousin of Todd. Has many of the "qualities" of the aforementioned. Not afraid to let an old woman seduce him in the middle of the street.
TOM - First year was in 2004, and a return trip is promised in the near future now that he'll be retired at the end of 2012. And an update on that: Tom did indeed return in 2013, with his long time friend Bob (see below), and he too received his Offishul CFDSC Membership card as well as an Offishul CFDSC polo shirt.
PJ - lead singer in the band "Wild Horses" that's been playing CFD since he was in diapers. Wife Kelli and son Shaw will be seen throughout our website
GARY - an Air Force brat and we're proud to have him as a friend. Here he's opting for the role of Tom Horn in the parade, same embarrassing situation as Reed, but he's military and fit..

BOB - formerly with the insurance industry and recently retired. Moved from Orange County to a newly-built home in Northern California. Been a member of the "Gang of Seven" for about 25-30 years but tried his 1st CFD in 2013. We're hoping he finds that as much fun as OTL and Wine Trips. In each of the occasions booze is involved, so if he comes down with liver disease we'll never see him again - by our choice. The angelic pose belies most all the other shots of him throughout this site.


NOTE: Bob passed on 9/19/17. Please go to the Tribute page for more.


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