Next, in no particular order, some locals we interact with.                 They're why we come back. ================================================================ 
It's with sadness that we report on the passing of our dear friend of over 20 years, Gordon, who died in February 2015 after several years of fighting a battle over failing health. During CFD in  2014, while bar-side at the Red Wood Lounge, he told  us of his near death experiences in the preceding months and felt lucky to still be around.  We'll miss his keen sense of humor,  often self-deprecating, and warm friendship. RIP friend.

Another tribute to Gordon can be found on the'15 Trips page at the beginning of the CFD festivities.
Cathy - flanked by Maxine and Pat. Grand Dame at the Elks and one of the hardest working there. Can tend bar, waitress, plan and set up an event, and just about anything else that needs to get done. A personality that just keeps on going and almost always a smile.
Cris - a friend for going on 20 years via the Elks and the Hell's Half acre Float. Ah the stories we could all tell but we're getting too old to remember them. Cris can dress up as one of the best floozies you'll ever drool over, or pour beer over just to see her in a wet costume. .

Cris passed away in early 2015, and a tribute to her can be found on the '15 Trips page at the start of the CFD festivities.
Leah - part time bartender at the Red Wood and former bartender at the famous WigWam Lounge. Probably one of the best b'tenders Cheyenne's ever had, and a great sense of humor.
Ron & Herman - the other halves of the infamous Ron & Raylene and Joyce & Herman. Believe us when we say these two guys are totally outmatched by the two gals in every way. OK, Herman's a better golfer, but that's the only area.

Update: as of 2013 Joyce & Herman are no longer a couple.
Speaking of Joyce & Raylene - if these two are at your table hardly a minute goes by that there's no laughter. Can they hold their liquor? Yes and no. Yes if they've just started, hell no if it's midnite.
Elaine, Pat, Les - she, the former Elks Club Mgr., and now one of Les' best b'tenders. Always a warm smile and happy face. Les owns the Green Door, a place where women can feel free to take their clothes off while they dance. Must be difficult to dance with all those $1 bills on the floor. Pat's sniffing up the air like he just launched something.
A few of the Elks Ladies. In case you're wondering, no, it wasn't Halloween, they just have kinky taste in clothes..
Jill - mainstay at the Elks as past Prez of the Ladies of the Elks (Cathy too). Never smiles, never laughs, dullest person you'll ever meet. Yeah, right. In fact just the opposite. Also can bartend, waitress, and run any event in the Club.

Felix & Louise - the dynamic duo that've been running the Tom Horn Float for umpteen years. He does a lot of the "grunt work" that a guy's supposed to do, like fix things that break, drive the rig, set it up, tear it down. All so he can get some nookie from Louise, who actually manages the personnel who ride the float, creates the costumes, by hand, brings food & drink for the riders, etc, etc, etc. And by the way, they aren't in costume in this pic..  NOTE: after more than 25 years, Felix & Louise decided to retire from the Tom Horn and will gladly turn it over to whomsoever wishes to keep up the tradition.

Kelli & Shaw - PJ's better 2/3rds, surrounded by the new uncles. God help that kid when he's able to hang with his Unks at the Green Door. Of course they'll be so old by that time that Shaw'll be tossing their $1 bills for them.

Chuck - for years (decades?) the owner of the Pioneer Hotel. He & wife Maryann ran it and welcomed the presence of the California Dickheads every July and a few in-between trips. He's since sold the building and retired to his place south of town -- ummm, on the way to the Clown's Den. We couldn't have hoped for a better friend all those years. Sadly we now have to report that Chuck passed away in late 2017. 

Jerry & Sandy - here's another "former", the owner of the famous WigWam lounge and then the RedWood. Jerry retired a few ago but when you stepped into one of Jerry's bars you know you'd be treated right and would have a good time. The "High Horses" band played there so long a go that lead singer PJ was still in diapers. Thanks, Jerry, for all you did for the locals and for us aliens. You're missed.

Jerry has passed, see his RIP page.

Tom - and yet one more "former." Operated the Cloud Nine Lounge at the airport - a great hangout not only for lots of locals but for us out-of-towners. Didn't matter who we were, the welcome mat was always there. Due to the Airport Commissioners ability to place their heads up their ..., certain "changes" were made and the bar could no longer survive. We're holding out for a watering hole soon.
Joe, Rick & Jim - no, not Larry, Mo & Curly Joe, nor Manny, Moe & Jack, these guys are a prime reason why the Elks makes a few bucks each year, both in their bar contributions but also due to their willingness to jump into leadership roles. Thanks men, the rest of us are indebted.

FYI, Joe passed away in April of 2013 at 74+ years of age.
Shannon - bartendress to the enth degree, dating back to the old days of the WigWam Lounge and a good friend. She also has a biz handling caps, shirts, trophies and other goodies. Makes the best Bloody Mary in town.
Bill - Okay, not a local, per se, but as leader/founder of the band HighHorses, and granddad of Shaw, we need to see his face in here as much as anyone else's.
Gordon - best dressed man in Cheyenne, and judging by the hot filly he's talking to we'd have to say he has impeccable taste in women as well.

RIP Gordon.
Pam & Alf - It's always a good idea to insert pics of local bar owners and say good things about them. These nice folks took over the Red Wood Lounge and turned it into a happenin' place. During CFD they go with live entertainment almost all day/night. Lotsa space and quick service. Update - as of 2014 the place has a new owner.
Susie & Ben - okay, maybe there's a bit of a Halloween thing going on here, and maybe it's time to dust off the camera and take a few current pictures. We were invited to, and attended, their wedding a few years back and you'll have to ask them if we behaved, cuz we don't remember. .
Joanne, Robin & Jackie - The two "J's" have been coming here for so long Cheyenne had only one "n". Robin's the rookie and has a lot to learn from the other two.
Cindy - the stern look belies the fact that she rarely scowls, going instead for a wonderful sense of humor and a winning way with all. She's shown here with her own home-made concoction, having learned from the CA Dickheads that a couple shots of vodka, a bit of orange or cranberry juice, and an overnight in the freezer, makes for a really nice slush the next morning. Makes Parade Marshall duty all the more tolerable.
Sandy & Toni - two of our best buddies and always there to be counted on to cover our backs. We've been through several soap opera scenarios together and have all survived. Watch out though, they can drink as much as you can.....well, one of 'em can.
Maxine - yes, this is another Halloween shot, so sue me. Blow this one up, paste it on your bathroom wall and........... oops, wait, where was I going. Max is another long-time friend we've met through our frequent trips into the Elks Lounge. Hmm, sounds like all our friends have been gained via bars. And your problem with that?
...and there'd be more except that we didn't take enough pictures. Hang with us and we'll correct that soon.