Bud break. Soon a little flower, then a little

grape, then a few of us worshiping at the altar.

Waiting for two things:
1. A table.
2. A California Supreme Court ruling regarding same-sex stuff.
Two things we do well, eat and drink.
Told ya. Kelli really did join us on this trip but opted to be photographer for a few shots.
This is almost embarrassing. Almost.

"All I'm sayin' is, when the hell is your period gonna be over."

Somebody wake the old fart at the end of the bar. However, if he's dead just grab his car keys.
Harrison-Clarke Winery, clear the hell and gone up at the top of a canyon. Had to use Dave's GPS to find the place. Probably not a prettier sight than miles of green hills covered with mustard grass.
Kelli plays Charades. Here she's giving a hint at a movie title. Hint, we're on a wine trip and she's standing...............
Still relatively sober looking. Must've been early in the day.
At Fiddlehead Cellars. Bob adjusting his new hearing aid.

Dave asked him: "What kind is it?"

Bob answered: "It's 11:15."

With nuances of breadsticks
The new Ken Brown tasting room. Excellent wines from the the man behind Byron Winery.
Bridlewood Winery. It wouldn't matter if they served apple juice here, the grounds are beautiful.
At a newly discovered winery in Los Olivos, Bob is seen wearing his new "Dirty Lens" logo jacket.
At Melville with the bride-to-be and her entourage. We're sure this was as good as she was going to get all day.

All you need is a crowd, some guys who've been drinking, and an outdoor version of "Swing Low". We find the acoustics much better in Peacock Alley in Cheyenne, or almost any wine cave.

Just one of many naps during the weekend. Catch 'em while you can.
A case of Macolepsy hits Los Olivos.
At least he's napping with a pretty lady.
When you find yourself fighting the urge to nap, do the chin up exercise.
Ray Charles.
Ray's brother.
Not sure if this is a Before or an After picture.
I sure hope that meal doesn't backfire on me.
And Colon Cleanse to the rescue.
Too late for Mac.

"Why me? Kel & I coulda stayed home, played with the dogs and cat, uninterrupted by flatulence and old men. Nope, we really wanted to spend 100s of dollars for this humbling trip. Honest."

Our new best friend Laurel invited us for a tour of The Flag is Up Farms in Buellton. Fantastic place and lots of horsies.
Pat tries to go though the fence. One of two things prevented that from happening, too much wood (doubtful) or too much gut (now we're talkin').
When in doubt go over the damn thing.
Success is measured in pettin' ponies, which is not to be confused with loping mules.
Every trip has to have a cheesecake shot. Thank God for Kelli.
Beautiful scenery, and not a bad looking couple either.
Santa Ynez Valley. Nice...
At the Maverick in Los Olivos (below). Some drinkin', some dancin', some chick flingin'.
A fine lookin' bunch of city slickers turned cowboy.
Who the hell is this woman?
And who the hell is this woman with Bob behind her saying "Wait, I caught my belt buckle on your, uh, crack."
Dancin' Dave & Laurel.
Now you see her...
...now you don't.
When Dave's done dancing with a woman his dismount leaves something to be desired.
Cuzzin Mac: Bon vivant, man about town, suave and deboner.
Yes, and it was also homo night at The Mav.........................
Either that's PJ's shirttail or his panties.
One thing about seniority, you get dibs on leading.
Don't remember a damn thing. My only wish is that I took off my own clothes before falling in bed. At least my butt wasn't sore in the morning.

This is getting to be a habit. Thanks to the vigilance of the Wilber's we never actually run out of gas, but we try like hell. Going 332 miles on 18 gallons of gas and fumes ain't bad.

Most tasting rooms have dogs. Some are female. They have needs too.

Step 1 - Foreplay

Step 2 - Under the sweater, over the bra.

Step 3 - authenticate the moisture (barfing is allowed right now)

Step 4 - Savor the nuances.

Euphoria, not to be confused with Eucanuba.

Step 1 - check for no-weiner status

Step 2 - Foreplay.

[note: there was no Step 3]
One of the best meals of the weekend. Barbecued tri-tip, a beer or two, and a wish that you make it back home before peeing your pants.
It's a good thing the horses at the Terry Bison Ranch don't have web access to see you doing this, Dave.
A little nap on the way home is good for a preggers lady.
Some white wine with that meal?
This is what it's all about. Great scenery, friends, meals, wines, laughs, memories. Thanks to all for another stellar outing.