April 2009 - The Umpteenth Annual Wine Trip: Unable to join this year (and they   were missed): Jim, Bert, Tom, Kelli, Joyce & Herman, and Ron & Raylene, so we    opted for a closer locale, the Temecula Valley. Dave, Bob, PJ, Mac & Sherry,     Jill & Jim (and moi) found the weather perfect, the golf course beautiful,           the wineries fun, the wines decent, and the free Happy Hour(s) at the Embassy  Suites hard to beat.                                  

CFD 2009 - A most unusual thing happened this year, perhaps due to the economy, perhaps due to the fact that for CFD some guys can't bring multi $$$ to spend    on tips at the Green Door. In any case, this year saw (count 'em) only four stalwarts of the CFDSC brave the annual debauchery of CFD. That's the lightest turnout     in about 15 years. No matter - a great time was had by all. And the weather Gods smiled on us just about every day, though that one t-storm was a welcome sight. 

A closer look and we're convinced that Mr. Ancient was well into his cups that night. Meanwhile "Mork" managed to handle herself with total ladylike demeanor, da bitch.

Not to be outdone, Bert show he's not that far behind his roomie in the "I'm a walking DUI" contest.
The sadness of this pic is unfathomable. Here you have a 20-something beauty perched ever-so-close to Mr. Methusela and he sleeps through the whole damn thing. For shame. Turn in your Man Card, you're a disgrace.
Yep, try her best she was still unable to wake his old and moldy (and passed out) ass, which was probably a good thing for all. Had she awakened "The Anaconda" ........... oh, nevermind, no one would believe it anyway.
Gives a whole new meaning to "gallows humor."
The Airport Golf Course (above). All that rain helped beautify the course, making it easier to cope with lost balls and bad scores.
The Red Wood is under new ownership, and not to take anything away from Doc & Dusty, but sometimes change can be a good thing. Pam's the hostess whose goal is to make sure all goes well and the customer has fun. She succeded for 10 days/nights.

Alf's unwritten motto must be "Have fun, relax, tip well, enjoy life."
The new crew: Pam, Ken, Dixie, Alf. Thanks all, you did a fantastic job.
That guy and his aloha shirt sure manages to make the rounds. Here he's cornered yet another local beauty. (that'll cost ya, Joyce)
We're happy to let everyone know that Bill Wilber, leader of High Horses, waded through some physical problems prior to CFD, fought them off, and was around to entertain us with the rest of the band for six nights. As usual, great job guys.
However, a little squabble breaks out during a High Horses rehearsal.

We met our match..... almost. Seems as though Cheyenne is home to three guys who meet at the Cloud Nine weekdays after work for a few toddies before going home to the little wifey-poo and some domestic chores.

Gotta admit, we collectively haven't laughed that much at CFD in many a year, thanks to our new friends Steve, Uncle Nerm (Nathan), and Jay. Guys, you have to consider a wine trip with your new California buddies next year in the Spring, if'n the wifey-poo allows it.

And now meet our new BFF (make anything you want of that and you'll be close to right). Cloud Nine bartender/server/cleanup/etc. "JJ" is another one who added to the laugh factory this year. He is unabashedly of a persuasion different from most cowpokes (sorry about the "pokes" part) and not afraid to display it along with a wicked, but never offensive, sense of humor. Thanks for all the fun JJ, see you soon.

Ever so gentle, on someone else's mind.
Sign up big guy.
Our friend of many years, Gordon, was also out among 'em for a good part of CFD and, as always, probably the best dressed guy in Cheyenne. No wonder the chicks flock to him.
And speaking of well-dressed guys, here's Dave demonstrating his chick magnet prowess while at the Elks one afternoon. With that cherubic smile, not to mention the feathers, it's no wonder he's so popular.
Okay Dave, maybe it's the fancy hat that made us think of you when this cartoon became available.
What'd we tell you. Of course a change of chapeau may have made the difference, but that smile....
And here we see our hero with yet another babe, even though this time he completely shunned the cowboy chic for some traditional California garb. We think he'd attract the lovely Connie if he was wearing sack cloth, whatever the hell that is.
Jim arrived Wednesday and was greeted by JJ as he deplaned. It was quickly explained that he (JJ) was to be Jim's personal valet during his stay. The redfaced Jim soon caught on that his buddies were handing him a giant RF (ask your friends what that means).

The blow dryer indicates that JJ was willing to use it to dry Jim's nether region after his shower, it being common knowledge amongst Jim's roommates that Jim employs the use of said appliance to guard against any chafing down there in the hey-hey area.
When JJ was hired he wasn't on the clock more than 10 minutes when he decided on some redecorating, leading to a confrontation with the Cloud Nine's new owner.
The boys took a time out before riding the Hell's Half Acre float to re-register the CFD Social Club name for another 10 years. Needless to say, with them dressed in their dummy hats and bubba teef the clerical staff in the Secretary of State's office stopped all work and couldn't help but join in the fun. Pssst, and they were all cute!
Kelli brought our new "nephew" Shaw out for a little sunshine. We don't leave the comfort of the Red Wood for just anyone, but this llittle guy is one of our faves, and probably a future electee to push our wheelchairs in a few years. Gotta keep him happy now.
...and speaking of diapers...
Miss Lilly was another one willing to share her lovely countenance (and voluptuousness) with the D*ckheads. We're sure the original Lilly Langtry would been flattered by the great portrayal.
Tonto soon learn it not prudent to bend over like that in front of Loan Arranger. After all, it been long time since Masked Man get poon.

And did you notice how they're dressed? Straight out of the Stevie Wonder collection.
Tonto tired quickly of being Loan Arranger's cowpoke (oops, there's that 'poke' word again).
We were lucky enough to be joined by a couple of hotties: Ms. Wyoming Galaxy (Krystle Dorris), and her married counterpart Mrs. Wyoming Galaxy (Diane Bertagnole).

Meet another new friend John, aka Redneck John. He boldly (and in fun) stated that wine drinkers were a bunch of pussies. Dave, being a 6' 5", 265lb wine drinker challenged this assertion whereupon John sent a nice glass of Merlot to Dave's table. In it was something one doesn't usually find in a glass of Merlot - a tampon, and it got all swole up, prompting us to see why women get all bitchy at that time of month. Great fun with the whole gig. Thanks John.

Meanwhile, Dave & John found other ways to express their differences of opinion on wine drinkers.
Dave and John, both of 'em in the mid-6' range, and weighing more than that allowed to ride horsies at the Terry Bison Ranch, tried to fit in the cartoon's frame. Alas, a little less indulgence in wine perhaps.
Jim & Bert, fresh from their rodeo "date" with Sandy & Toni, decided it was time to join the rest of CFD at the Cloud Nine.
That's all folks, hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did living it this year. It's always great to see all our old friends again, and even better when we can add some new ones to the stable. To all, stay healthy and thanks for the memories.The 2009 Wine Trip tale begins next. If you're interested in joining us next year in the Spring, 1) make sure your liver can take it, and 2) let Pat know to pencil your name(s) in.


It started innocently enough with an attempted sail around Newport Harbor on Mac's yacht, however with winds blowing at 40mph and more it was decided we probably get blown to Hawaii so it was better to drink dockside.

"You mean I came all the way out here to go for a sail and you tell me it's too windy?" You sissies don't know what wind is. This is nothing more than a burrito fart.
Yes, PJ, that is my wee-wee, and way bigger than anything you've ever seen, but I'd rather you didn't stare.
Wyoming, Colorado & California, all gathered in Laguna Beach to sit on a sailboat.

Coming over the hill from Mac's place in San Juan Capistrano we were treated to the site of Lake Elsinore,  sky-diving capital of California. We drive around the left side of the lake to Hwy 15, then head south for  a few miles to Temecula and golf,   plus wine tasting.                                       

Now let's air out those rusty clubs. Considering the beauty of Redhawk golf course  it's a pleasure to be able to walk around, let alone lose several balls.       

Looking backward at the tee box on the above hole. Beautiful course!

God must've been a golfer to create all this.

The 17th hole, taken from shoulder level.
Same hole, this time showing the beauty of the 17th at Redhawk. Guess how many balls went into the water on this hole and you could win a trip to the 18th hole.

    And now let's get down to some serious wine tasting.           

Outside one of the many wineries we visited during the weekend. As is evidenced by everyone standing straight, this must've been early in the day.
What is it about Dave, female dogs, and tummy rubs. Is it a prelude to something better? Is it grooming or foreplay? And by the way, we DID noticed the other female in the shot. Nice pull Dave.
What the hell is it about guys and grabbing nads. Okay, make that "what is it about PJ and grabbing nads."
Boyz Butts
"I'm told some of you are from Cheyenne WY so I thought it appropriate to serve your city's favorite wine."
More boyz butts.
For you wine novices, this is NOT the start of a good Cabernet.
It's an iceplant called vinca rosea.
Nothing wrong with starting your morning in a winery's beautiful den-like setting. Well, that and several tastings....
Yes, a beautiful day indeed, as long as jump from an air conditioned car into an air conditioned tasting room.
Note the comfortable inside temp of 67° vs the outside temp of 100°.
You'd never know that Dave & Bob were having any fun.
Here we are at Foote Winery, sharing stories with it's owner. His wine club is affectionately known as (are you ready?) Club Foote.
Couple of old farts.
Look closely along the bottom branch. Everyone loves a hummer.

A few of the new wineries in Temecula.

So, just exactly where did that little gem in your fingers come from? If you say Mac's shorts.....
This is nothing more than a return favor for last year's guides who helped Pat to his room at HaPee & Pee Wee's hotel in Buellton.
Needless to say, this was put on the blackboard by:
* someone too young to have had hemmorhoids yet,
* too young to know how to spell the damn word
* and probably from Cheyenne, not known as a breeding ground of spelling bee champs.
Hugs be good.
Picking a pocket with your unseen hand be good.
Grabbing an ass cheek with your unseen hand be good.
Johnny B Good
Free breakfast at the Embassy Suites be good.
Considering the way Bob's leaning, and the way Jim's leaning, we be thinkin' someone's launching an air biscuit while the other is trying to defend against it, and considering the look on Bob's face...........
we're just sayin'.
Jim, Jill and Mac's bouganvilla.




All start with the letter "M".
We don't think so.

            WHEN HALLOWEEN FALLS ON A WEEKEND                                YOU CAN BET WE'LL BE THERE TO TEST THE BAR PARTIES.          

Needless to say, this may not be the best way to start a Halloween trip. Hwy I-25 was closed from Ft. Collins to Cheyenne, thus an overnight near DEN at an Embassy Suites (the above shot is looking south from our hotel room). Good call considering they have a nightly Manager's Reception when all drinks are on the house for 2 hours. Three of us managed 12 apiece, but then they were short and lightly poured.

This is the centerpiece of the Embassy's hotel, a 5-story structure that's meant to depict a well. Beautiful lobby, and you can't beat the drink prices during the daily Manager's Specials happy hour(s).

The next morning we trekked to Cheyenne via Hwy 85, a 2-lane backroads stretch that offered us blizzards, whiteouts, 1½"-thick icy roads, and a 3-mile-long procession of cars & trucks going a whopping 5-10 mph. Neverthless, the lure of drinking with friends in Cheyenne made us press on.
Pat welcomes a grope of his cobra from Charlene and Belinda. His theme was that of, among other things, an old man with a "reptile dysfunction."
High Horses did their usual great job entertaining the Red Wood Halloween crowd, and we're happy to report that Bill (2nd from left) appears to be back to good health.
They don't call him "Big Dave" fer nuthin'. Sadly, his disappointment in his outfit came when he found the need to explain it to people who didn't even know who the hell Jimmy Buffet was, let alone his fans, the Parrot-heads.
It didn't seem to matter to Ryan that Mr. Parrothead was a puzzle to the rest of the crowd. To her he was a 6'5" hunk, waiting for a big hug. To him, she was a "bring it on."
Dr. Feelgood finally makes the traveling mammogram work, and this time it paid off big with a 1st place in the Red Wood's costume contest - good for $150. Not sure which is better, the money or all the free feels. Okay, it's really obvious that to Bert a few boobie-squeezes is way mo bettah than a few bucks.
Ryan & Beckah, having no issues with their boobies, decided to allow Dr. Feelgood to ummm, feel good.
Pat cozies up to Kelli and her school-girl outfit, which is always a turn-on for guys, except that when Pat was in school the girls wore loin cloths. Kelli made sure that before the weekend was done we got to see our group nephew Shaw. Little feller's gettin' cuter each time we visit.
Looks like the girls (Beckah & Ryan) found the lovely Kelli too. To you who are viewing this shot, how many points would you award their beauty quotient?
My how those chicks make the rounds. I wonder where PJ's hands are?