Our dear lady left this earthly confine on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, at 1:26pm Cheyenne time. There's little doubt she's in a better place now, greeted by all her pre-deceased family and friends. 


On a lighter note, those who rode with her on the Tom Horn Float recall the numerous times she made sure all of the female riders were wearing panties.  It's our fervent hope there's  no need for that due diligence up in Heaven.  :)


You'll also note that those dresses worn by the ladies were probably made my Louise, and to keep her float riders happy, she made sure they were fed a light breakfast before the parade started.


Enjoy these pics of her, the float, and a flock of riders.  There's plenty of wonderful memories  and laughter in all of these.  Just click on any pic to make it solo & larger.

God Bless You Weezie.


           Louise's funeral services were attended by three different CFDSC states:          CA (#1 & #3), CO (#2 & #6), WY (#4 & #5)