Welcome to CFD 2014. One helluva time considering the Plains Hotel decided      it was time to resurrect the vintage Wigwam Saloon, an historic part of not only    the hotel but downtown Cheyenne as well. Under new ownership and with new           GM John Burns & crew at the helm, the Wigwam 2 was a smashing success.    


WY's nice all year, people-wise. Weather-wise we'll debate visiting in winter when temps are in the minuses.
On the way from Denver to Cheyenne along Hwy 25 one encounters a picturesque area full of boulders. It has historic value but also doubles as a rest stop for the weary.
And sometimes the weary have to empty their bladders. Bert & Dave were the ambassadors on our behalf for the opening weekend of CFD and Wigwam 2. Take your pick as to who's watering the plants here.
The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle made sure that locals & visitors alike were onto the new digs in town with this nice article. That's GM John Burns in the pic.
John is flanked by Sandy & Jerry McDonald, the latter being a venerable part of Cheyenne's history as the owner of the original Wigwam and thrilled to be there for its revival.
Here's the logo designed for the new Wigwam, with a clever nod to the old one (closed) and the new one (open).
Once inside, a sizeable banner proudly proclaims the Wig2 as our "Official Watering Hole." Keep in mind that it's not our ONLY watering hole. Thanks to Bert for getting that done.
This shot is of the entrance to the bar, with the hotel's lobby in the background. Very well done and tastefully decorated with a few relics of the old Wig.
A different view of the entry. Note along the back wall is the old bootshine stand, where Kelli performs her magic on your old worn out Walmart boots.
Turn around and you get a shot at where the bandstand is located (in the far rear), and the bar (to the right). The place even comes with its own derelict at the bar.
This is what it looked like with the High Horses band performing one afternoon. The wall to the right will eventually be blown out to provide more seating.
And now we see the band doing their thing at night til the wee hours. As usual guys, great job entertaining the folks.
HOWEVER, we take slight objection to scenes like this. Come on Dave, a plain ol' blue shirt at night? And you might just close your mouth. Just sayin'. Then again, maybe it's not all Dave's fault. Scoll down further to find other egregious examples of PJ's persuasion.
And now a shot at the seating area from the band's view.
Here's the new logo on a window from streetside.
GM John & crew did a great job in getting this all together, and had a lot of help from folks like Bert who had the knowledge of the old Wig. The boys thought it only fitting that John be properly welcomed, so Cuz Mac made him a CFDSC club shirt, plus he was bestowed his very own club card (see next).
The back of the card lists about 30+ bars in town that we've visited over the years.

One morning we were doing Bloody Marys and John told his bartender James (background): "Another round, on me." Pat said "Make mine a tall".


Well, 10 minutes later James proudly brought out the babes seen here as if to say, "Well smartass, you asked for a tall didn't you?"



Jim: "Holy shiz Bert, I doubt we'll be able to guzzle all that in one sitting."
Bert: "Balls my brother, all we need is balls, and big ones at that."
A bunch of locals found the "new" Wig to be a worthy place to try out their brand of humorous and bawdy songs.
Meanwhile, more locals and visitors gathered for a sing-a-long.
Wednesday is the annual USAF Thunderbirds Air Show, cancelled last year by Sequestration. This year John burns made sure his valued Plains guests were able to get a great view by hosting a gathering on the roof of the hotel, complete with morning refreshments. Nice touch, John. These beauties were visitors and will definitely return.

This is what the downtown looks like from the rooftop.

Here's a strange sight. It's the alley that runs behind our old stomping grounds - The Pioneer Hotel - and there seems to be something missing. Mary Ann.
And our brick is still alive at The Depot, albeit getting a little threadbare throughout these past years. Then again, so are we.

The band's other gig was at Alf's Pub. Due to space limitations they did their thing outside the bar but could still be heard inside, which seemed to work well for all. We'll see what changes are made for 2015's venue.


Let's pause to toss in pics of various folks in various places and doing various things. =============================================================================

And now for something quite refreshing - Dan's new wife (we'll call her #3) - one of the more attractive women we've seen in Cheyenne during this trip.
And speaking of good looking ladies, it's always a pleasure to meet up with our dear Nebraska friends Jackie & JoAnne. Why they prefer this guy's company is debateable. All those empty cups indicate that the girls bought a few times.
(there's that damn guy with the microphone again)
Mmmm, there's a pair to draw to.
Hey, why the long face?
Yo Dave, that mouth agape thing is goin' on again. However, the guy with the phoney smile is at it again too.
Rub-a-dub-dub, there's a dork in the tub. Hold that order for the Coors Lite, bartender. Yo Bert, while you're at it - inhale.
Okay, enough is enough. We're seeing a trend here worthy of viewing in West Hollywood, but we believe Cheyenne WY to be a bit more, umm..... manly?". How fitting that both of these so-called cowboys are holding onto their phallic symbols. Dream on guys, it's more like a golf pencil.
Now back to reality. It was Parade Day and John got talked into being Tom Horn. The first order of business is the usually embarrassing "public switching of shirts in friggin' plain view of all." Looks like it might have been slightly cold that morning.
Phew, that was close! Somehow Louise manages to attract the good ones. Maybe its the lure of her famous whitebread cheese & ham sandwiches.
As we pass the Capitol Dome, it's time to get our "parade smile" on and listen to "Cotten-eyed Joe" for the next 30 minutes. John waves, not knowing what's in store for him. Actually, he turned out to be one of the best Tom Horns, able to summon enough energy to make it all the way through the parade while jumping off the float and cavorting at each of the judges' stands.
These gals got their first shot at being Float Hoes when a chance chat with one of the guys led to a call to Louise asking if she could handle three good looking gals on the float tomorrow. Well, within 30 minutes the ladies were at Louise's house getting fitted for their costumes, and had a ball being floozies.
Oh uh, didn't take him long to find one o' dem purdy ones to cozy up to. Then again maybe he's just doin' a sales call for next year's CFD.
One of our two favorite guys, Raymond, found a big brother to keep an eye on him during the parade.
Our "nephew" Shaw, the other favorite, got to ride, nestled between a couple of cuties. Okay, his Mom is one of 'em but she's still a cutie.
When Louise gives you a pretend gun to wear, ya gotta pretend like you're ready to use it - pardner.
After the parade all us red shirts, which included the KC boys, John Burns, and lovely Kelli, got us some time to whet our buds at the Wig2.
The Indian Committee also decided it was time to revisit the old watering hole.

Thursday night, courtesy of Reed McClung, we got treated to free tickets to the Brad Paisley concert - a first in the history of the CFD Social Club. Not the free part, the actual concert attendance. Below are the east stands and the rodeo floor. The entertainers are on stage at the base of the stands. We were able to bring all the red shirts pictured above. Thanks Reed, too bad you couldn't join us. Maybe next year?

Headin' towards sundown and decent weather. Showers were a possible, then a no-show.
To the left of the CINCH logo is the main stage where all the performers play.
Some of our group opted for a pre-show Meet-n-Greet back stage with Brad. Those of us who didn't M-n-G relaxed in our great seats. Now imagine this shot a slightly different, and much, improved, way >>>> next.
How 'bout dat - a special thank you from Brad to the CFD Social Club. We be sh*ttin' in tall cotton now.
After the M-n-G, all assembled front row, B Section for a nice gig.
Now this is the only way to watch a concert. Hardly anyone in front of us the whole time, and the weather cooperated.
These were seats a couple of rows behind us, and for fear of our well being we have no comment.
Friday was the Bar-to-Bar trolley run to a few pre-arranged bars around town. The Kansas City boys (and a stray) joined the CFDSC on the tour - the only way to drink and drive.
And the lone guy with those "newbie" Float Hoes managed to join us for the fun trolly ride around town.
Saturday was another parade day and we're thinkin' Louise had enough of her "frisky" going that it was time to tease John.....again. "Gimme that damn hat John, we're gonna do some undressin' again."
"Okay, Louise, now that I'm exposed to the whole damn world what's next in store for me aside from whips & chains?"
"Whips & chains? Great idea John, wish I'd thought of it sooner. In the meantime perk up those pecs and don that yellow shirt one more time."
("I may be a 75-year-old broad but there's still fire in the furnace.")
Saturday we got to watch our adopted nephew again.
Hey kid, watch out for that good lookin' gal behind you. She's stole a heart or two in her day. Hey Toni, quit checkin' out his butt.
Waving to the crowd, Cuzzin Mac (make that Sheriff Mac), gets his "happy" on as the parade started on Saturday.

   How 'bout we sign off with a look to the future, and we mean about 15 years. (phew)

"Hey Daddy, check out those two. Any chance I could get my picture taken wif 'em?"
Ta-Da! "Hey California boys, eat yer hearts out. Ain't no way I'm ever gonna wind up wif yer darned IDIDAHOG award. I gots me some good taste. Then again I haven't started drinking yet."

Lastly, we offer huge thanks to John, Amanda, James, and the entire Plains staff for their dedication to the Wigwam 2's resurrection. You thought it was a gamble, but at the odds you were given, it was a slam dunk. Looking forward to another visit soon, maybe October for Halloween.


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